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Hypnosis Demonstration: Get High With Hypnotherapy
(887 views) Uploaded 7/12/2012 6:34:21 PM by AdvancedCareHypnosis   (3 videos)

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As a Hypnotherapist of 30+ years, Daniel Rose has served the people of Central and Northern NJ, as well as in his internationally frequented Manhatten office by helping them overcome fears, addictions, painful experiences and more.

An author of various writings, including "The Hypnotic Coach", Daniel Rose is a respected speaker and motivator and well known and referred within various fields of medicine. He coordinates the best possible treatment for his patients both through his individual and group therapy sessions, as well as touching lives through his written works.

Video Keywords: depression    energy    stress    therapy    relaxation    anxiety    counseling    hypnosis    hypnotherapy    hypnotism    get high   

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