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Earth Hour Music - I Will if You Will Challenge 2012: Eight hour nonstop Internet Piano Concert
(174 views) Uploaded 3/3/2012 2:35:36 PM by ChristianCalcatelli   (1 videos)

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If 5000 people commit to recycling and reusing paper, I will play the piano live over the internet for 8 (eight) hours in a row, non-stop. I will improvise in my style: I like to call it 'poplical' since it mixes pop, classical, new age & soundtrack. Recycling paper can be easy if you plan it!

To help make this happen (it's free):
1) Visit bit.ly/calcatelliEarthhour
2) Click on the "ACCEPT" button
3) Spread the word to friends & family! It'll be fun!

Video Keywords: music    green    challenge    recycling    piano    keyboard    improvisation    wwf    iwiyw    recycle paper    earth hour    pianoforte    world wide fund for nature    solopiano    calcatelli    freemusic   

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