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Raw Food is NOT Rocket Science..It's a glorified Salad!
(226 views) Uploaded 3/18/2013 7:24:02 AM by kaviji   (15 videos)   |  Learn more at: http://thepowerofillness.com

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Suspicious of Raw Food?
I was as well. When I discovered the raw food diet I was cautious, very. It was out of my experience or so I thought.
Coming from a family of the 1970's era whose diet was the family roast, crinkle cut chips, scampi balls and mince and potatoes etc, and the most exotic food we ate was a mushroom (which my father was VERY suspicious of!), all I knew was cooked food. A salad was the subject of ridicule in our house. It didn't mean anything, so how could I understand 'raw food'? It seemed otherwordly and mysterious.

It is only now, many years later, wiser, calmer, less radical and more intuitive, that I can say what being a raw foodie really means.

Subjects covered.
Raw Food, what is it?
Inherited beliefs.

Learn more at: http://thepowerofillness.com

Video Keywords: raw food    wellness    detoxification    raw diet   

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