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Cell/Mobile phone - Warning!
(4651 views) Uploaded 11/30/2010 3:14:03 PM by MagnusMulliner   (72 videos)

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Cell/mobile phones are so ubiquitous and they are changing all the time. The technology put into mobile phones is just incredible, BUT they are dangerous to our DNA and indeed whole human body.
Cell phone usage increases your chances of creating cancer, more than double your risk of glioma/brain tumour and will lead to memory loss, Alzheimer’s dis-ease, weakens bones as well as reduces your sperm count! Using a cell phone will ultimately break down your brains defences.
Interesting research done by Interphone Study, which was basically a huge PR campaign by the telecommunications industry and has been shown to be SERIOUSLY FLAWED!
ADVICE (the best you can take is your own) - Use hands free and keep your phone turned off when on you or at least 5-8 inches away from your head. This ‘dirty electricity’ is very harmful, especially to our children who have thinner cranial bones and are more susceptible to the damage caused by using a mobile phone. Use a landline where you can.
It is so NOT cool to wear those Bluetooth headsets!
Over to you people… have fun.
Sending love

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Viewer Comments (17 total)

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Posted 6/25/2011 7:34:03 AM
Many thanks for your message kafkaian. I hear you and the research is pretty crystal clear as to the damage we do to our body's having a cell/mobile near to our head or even our hip! Keep sharing your passion. Sending love
Posted 6/24/2011 3:49:00 AM
This isn't rocket science (says a man thrown out of an academic lecture over a decade ago for questioning the health implications of cell phones). I've never been a great lover of an overpriced gadget sold to us as necessities by vested corporate industries. Anyway, what really did it for me was when one day, I was on the phone for over an hour (it concerned the dubious death of my father under NHS care - another story). Of course I was minded to switch ear periodically, but noticed that once I'd finished my call and switched off, the "heat" still remained in my head long after the phone call. That was enough for me. I used to have a hip pouch; long since got rid of that. So yes Magnus, totally agree with you on this.
Posted 1/5/2011 2:48:43 AM
More info about cell/mobile phones and their usage linked to cancer. http://emf.mercola.com/sites/emf/archive/2011/01/05/new-evidence-identifies-strong-cell-phone-cancer-link.aspx
Posted 12/10/2010 2:46:22 AM
c'mon Magnus, another video please :-)
Posted 12/6/2010 3:12:13 AM
Many thanks Plastrcine, I would concur with all you wrote. That's one key truth - Your physical body never lies. My hope with these recordings is that people will become more Mindful and make the necessary distinctions in their lives so that corporations either change or shut down. That's only going to happen when we start 'voting' with our £/$/Euro, etc and stop buying products that cause harm to Mother Nature and the environment. Let us continue to become the change we want to see in this world. Create a great festive season, love and Qi MM
Posted 12/4/2010 2:32:54 PM
Thank you for the video and for providing links to appropriate research. The body does not lie... no matter what research may or may not show. And no amount of research or statistics should take the place of the feedback we receive from our physical body "labs" and internal "case studies." It is true that interpretation of our body signals can get skewed, but the information is there if we tune into it. Take care!
Posted 12/3/2010 3:08:15 AM
Wow, thanks for those links Magnus!!
Posted 12/2/2010 4:44:47 AM
Very few studies have looked at the damage caused to young people... Arch Environ health, 2004; 59: 132-7, reported a higher brain tumour risk than in adults. Seven fold increase among individuals aged 20-29 years compared with a 1.4 fold risk for all adults. Plus look at Pathophysiology, 2009; 16: 137-47 for further evidence. I could go on _noneed, but unless the meaning of health and knowledge about EMF's etc = pleasure you may have already checked out and not read any of the above. My hope is you do more homework and if you find some good quality research (not paid for my the communications industry) I'd be happy to read it and share it. Create a great loving day and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share some awesome research, much of which has been taken from WDDTY.com Vol 20 no 9 Dec 2009.
Posted 12/2/2010 4:36:18 AM
As well as cancer cell phones are linked to a number of other health challenges: autism:, weakened bones (J Craniofac Surg, 2009; 20: 1556-60), reduced sperm quality (Fertil Steril, 2008; 89: 124-8), dirty electricity tiredness, stress, headache, anxiety, conc difficulties and sleep disturbances (Environ Health, 2008; 7: 18), memory impairment in rats (I get they are not humans!) Bioelectromagnetics, 2008; 29: 219-32, And there's more...
Posted 12/2/2010 4:31:29 AM
I love supplying bedtime reading for 'hungry' students... Are you still with me _noneed? for every year of mobile phone use, the risk of brain cancer increases 8% (Int J Occup Saf Ergon, 2007; 13: 63-71 and after 10 or more years of digital mobile-phone use, there's a 280% greater risk of brain cancer (Int Arch Occup Environ Health, 2006; 79: 630-9) and there's more...
Posted 12/2/2010 4:26:33 AM
Q: _noneed, how far down the rabbit hole will you go to gain more knowledge and then empower others with that knowledge? And there's more... J Cin Oncol 2009; Oct 13; Epub ahead of print) found a "significant positive association" - in other words, a harmful connection between mobiles/cells and tumours. Here we go... for every 100 hours of cell usage the risk of brain cancer increases by 5% (Int J Occup Saf Ergon; 13:63-71) three fold risk of astrocytomas (tumours that start in the star-shaped glial cells) on the same side of the head as the phone is held - more than 10 years of useage. Plus risk of brain tumour 5 times more compared to controls (Int J Oncol, 2009; 35: 5-17) and there's more...
Posted 12/2/2010 4:06:04 AM
And there's more _noneed... The Interphone researchers said that six of the eight studies they reviewed found that mobile phone usage increased the risk of glioma by up to 39 per cent, while the risk of acoustic neuroma, a benign tumour between the ear and the brain, increased nearly four times among people who had used a mobile phone for more than 10 years. Despite its findings, some critics believe the Interphone study has played down the real risks by including people who use a mobile phone only infrequently, and by excluding children altogether. Critics point out that the study was partly funded by the mobile phone industry, whose own research has invariably failed to find any link between its products and brain tumours. (Source: Daily Telegraph, October 24, 2009).
Posted 12/2/2010 4:05:17 AM
Dear_noneed, Q: How open are you to the research? Most people are more interested in the findings than where the sources come from, but I respect your mindset. Due to the limitation on the words I can use I'll post a few just for you! Long-term use of mobile phones can cause brain tumours, a major World Health Organization study announced. Study head Dr Elisabeth Cardis said the report will include a “public health warning” about mobile phone usage, especially among children. France has been one of the first countries to act, and has banned the use of mobile phones in primary schools. The UK has merely cautioned about the overuse of the phones by children and adolescents.
Posted 12/2/2010 3:08:04 AM
Thanks Magnus, i look forward to your next video ! I'll be calling about my vitD level results, but you know what i have a feeling i aint going to get anything, that they'll say they've lost the blood sample, seriously. Anyway i hope not. Better get to the gym today even if there is 3 feet of snow outside, aint the snow cool ? :-/
Posted 12/1/2010 6:24:02 PM
Why do people post video of mindless mumbling without any content… If there is so much ‘Clear’ research that proves Cell phones are harmful, please post an authoritative reference or something with your video and make it useful to others.
Posted 12/1/2010 1:01:55 PM
You're being smart with our great technology. I know of a few people that have complained about having a headache after watching a 3D movie. My last one was in Bradford and I didn't like the strain on my eyes, never doing that again either. I've never had a headache in my life! My hope is that more and more people become aware of the damage Bluetooth headsets will cause to their brain. You made some smart choices Dr Organic. Create a great evening and thank you for sharing.
Posted 12/1/2010 3:18:39 AM
I have a mobile phone but rarely use it. Only for extreme emergenices, should they occur. And i take the battery out when it sits on the shelf. All this technolgy really does worry me, 3d tv... i watched a 3d movie once ..recently.. and came out with a migraine that lasted a whole week and i NEVER get migraines... so...3dtv not for me. Also i had a job in a warehouse but they now use these bluetooth headsets and you have to wear a waist belt for electrical communication, the thing heats up and it sits just over your crotch.. anyway i quit !! I was'nt having any of this, i was told this is the future ? :-O

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