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Cancer: We Need A New Strategy!
(980 views) Uploaded 11/27/2012 11:05:21 AM by iHealthTube   (133 videos)   |  Learn more at: http://www.ihealthtube.com

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Dr. Patrick Quillin discusses the state of cancer treatment in the United States. He says the war on cancer needs a new strategy and that things could get much worse before they get better in terms of treatments and success rates.

Learn more at: http://www.ihealthtube.com

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Posted 11/28/2012 9:09:31 AM
There are cures for cancer and of course it starts with what we eat. A whole food, plant based diet is key to preventing / eliminating most diseases and boosting the immune system. In addition, Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil has cured thousands of individuals, some from their death bed. Watch: Run From The Cure, The Rick Simpson Story http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=AA4DC9365910F348E43E1B96A3179658

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