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Vinegar-water steam clean the air and improves the weather.
(6917 views) Uploaded 5/24/2012 3:43:13 AM by SimisMisis   (334 videos)   |  Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/451674871524866/

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Vinegar-water steam clean the air and improves the weather.
5 liters water + 250ml ~98% ACETIC ACID GLACIAL
5 liters water + 330ml ~70% concentrated vinegar = clean sky
4 liters water + 1 liter ~30% vinegar = clean sky
2 liters water + 3 liters ~9% vinegar = clean sky
1 liters water + 3 liters ~6% vinegar = clean sky
1 liter water + 4 liters ~3% vinegar = clean sky

after +- 30minutes vaporizing vinegar see how the sky getting better and better, u dont have to believe me, try your self and you will see... peace ;)


Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/451674871524866/

Video Keywords: water    sun        nature    people    chemtrails    self    easy    clean    to    concentrated    see    me    how    we    your    you    share    30    blue    the    dont    have    liters    will    kills    and    and    and    sky    7    very    vinegar    cheap    minutes    believe    way    getting    makes    300ml    70    after    vaporizing    better    better    u    try    ... peace   

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Posted 2/5/2013 2:41:58 PM
Excellent work and reporting! Wanted to share, take any pipe, larger the better, steel,copper, stainless and lean so it is standing as close to straight up as possible, angle cut on top good. Take an old sock and drop the toe end down into the top of the tube and flop the cuff over the top edges to hold it there. pour vinegar into the sock. Watch the chemcrud dissolve from the sky’s along with all the flu virus they are spreading.

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