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Vegetarian Super Health
(1670 views) Uploaded 5/16/2013 3:08:10 PM by LivingFuelTV   (197 videos)

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A close friend has recently chosen a vegetarian or strict vegan lifestyle. After just a couple of months, they report rapid weight loss and a feeling of overall good health. Could this dietary approach be your answer to health and wellness? Is it healthy? What does the research say?

The popularity of veganism and vegetarianism is a proverbial double-edged nutritional sword. It's critically important that those who choose this path educate themselves to ensure that daily dietary requirements are met.

Today on LivingFuelTV, host KC Craichy poses a challenge to vegetarians surrounding a particular vital macronutrient, essential to good health. If you are exploring the idea of a strictly vegetarian kitchen, or you know a vegetarian or vegan, today's show is for you!

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