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Interview with Farmer Brad about S.510 Food Safety Modernization Act
(26751 views) Uploaded 1/11/2011 7:17:50 PM by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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What is the impact of the Food Safety Modernization Act on real farmers? In this interview, the Health Ranger talks to Farmer Brad from HomeSweetFarm.com, a CSA serving Houston, Texas with fresh local produce. Farmer Brad talks about how FSMA is causing him to scale back his business expansion plans. "We have actually, this last year as we've been watching this happen, we've been putting plans on hold, and pulling back our business, because we want to make sure we stay in that... so again, that's how this is going to affect the local food system."

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Viewer Comments (5 total)

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Posted 5/10/2011 11:36:37 AM
by the sounds of your operation, you are running a private food group, this case in Canada may interest you, the "farmer" was found to not be under public legislation, by having a private group of milk shares. the acts did not apply to him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFgeRA8VmZ4
Posted 5/6/2011 9:54:56 PM
I know you guys are fighting the good fight but please be careful when you say that food from other countries is less regulated than food grown in the USA..... it is sending the message to your followers to be fearful of others ! WELL let me tell you that l will not buy ANYTHING from the USA if l have a choice ... the USA is to BLAME for so many things and one of them is the introduction of GM food in to the main stream... so be careful what you say the world is no longer separate and we must work as a team to fix these problems RALLY on world food day Oct 16 in your capital city and tell the people in your country that you want a say in what you eat ! p.s l'm pretty sure that the USA uses more pesticide than any other and is increasing all the time !
Posted 1/21/2011 12:33:20 PM
Just a question: if you are selling wholesale or to chefs/restaurants, how will the person eating your food "know the farmer" in order to do the self inspection or even talk to you to know how you grow the food? Even if they know who you are, will they really purchase from the wholesale, or eat at the restaurant, and then seek you out or you them? How can you know the names of the people the wholesalers have sold to or the restaurant has cooked for? Or, the people who eat at the restaurant? Can you really know someone if thy just meet you once? Isn't a CSA and local farming about a relationship between the farmer and the consumer? How many people can you have a relationship with? There was an article on Local Harvest.org in the fall of 2010 about how big is too big to really be able to know your farmer and they discuss these issues. You can't grow limitlessly and still have a relationship with all those people, can you? We are quiet small, but also new (less than 3 years) s
Posted 1/12/2011 1:52:58 PM
Excellant work HealthRanger and great website. You are doing important work! Thanks for your hard work and love of liberty. This totally evil Bill is based on "Collectivism",or "Centralized Authoritarianism", which is the most insidious form of government that there is because, it always leads to Totalitarianism. America was based on "Individualism", as a Constitutional Republic that grants all "rights" to the government . Under Collectivism, all rights are granted to the individual by the government (that is what the United Nations does under its charter). There is a huge difference between "Collectivism vs. Individualism". If the government is given the power to "grant" rights then, it also has the power to take them away without notice or public debate. What we are now experiencing in America is the hostile take-over of our Constitutional God-given natural rights by BOTH controlled political parties who are BOTH controlled by international global collectivists who hate freedo

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