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ME/CFS - The XMRV Retrovirus
(296 views) Uploaded 8/3/2010 4:16:50 AM by MCS-International.Org   (4 videos)

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Shown on ABC News "Good Morning America" with Tanya Rivero. Reproduced here in the public interest under a banner of "Fair Use".

As a result of privately funded research by the Whittemore Peterson Institute ( http://www.wpinstiture.org ) the prestigious medical journal "Science" recently published a study which showed that 67% of severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers tested had the XMRV Retrovius (xenotropic murine leukaemia virus-related virus) in their blood cells, as opposed to only 3.7% of healthy control subjects.

Further studies on the XRMV Retrovirus in ME/CFS patients have found that a staggering 95% of sufferers have antibodies to this retrovirus!

Dr Donnica Moore, eidtor and chief of "Womans Health for Life" had this to say about the Whittemore Peterson Institute's ME/CFS retrovirus studies:

"This study shows us first and foremost, most importantly, ... there is a biologic basis for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So we dont want to hear any more about 'oh they have depression" or 'its all in their heads'. That arguement is over."

For more background information on this and other ME/CFS studies see:


People suffering from severe ME/CFS in the UK may want to visit The 25% M.E. Group web site:


If concerned about the overlapping illness Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) visit MCS-International.Org at:


Thank you for your interest in this video.

Gordon D McHendry
Founder & Campaign Coordinator

Supporting the chemically injured and shining a spotlight on toxic chemicals worldwide.

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Posted 5/17/2011 4:40:35 AM
Thats great that a girls family who suffers from CFS funded the research that discovered the link between XMRV retrovirus & CFS. I think VACCINATIONS also play a role in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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