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Monsanto Exposed - Monsanto Video Revolt
(4847 views) Uploaded 7/22/2013 7:43:10 AM by WakeUp!Message   (5 videos)

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by http://www.wakeupmessage.com

IMPORTANT NOTE: This video may contain some disturbing images and is not suited for people who want to continue to live in denial or ignorance!

Wake Up! Enough, is enough, if we don't STOP Monsanto, Monsanto will stop us all!

This video is based upon our initial article "OMG!GMO" (http://www.wakeupmessage.com/omg-gmo.html) and we have created this video to share with everyone the TRUTH behind MONSANTO as part of the MONSANTO VIDEO REVOLT.

Video links mentioned or used within and a big THANK YOU:
GMO Study: http://youtu.be/Njd0RugGjAg / http://www.ogm-alerte-mondiale.net/?lang=en
Mhairi Singer (Anti GMO Song): http://youtu.be/UIzzQzpouLc
Background Music - Peace of Mind: http://youtu.be/tVc4TdjUzTs (by Kevin MacLeoad)
Join the Monsanto Video Revolt!: http://youtu.be/iJqUFN0UMbQ
Cause: http://monsantovideorevolt.com

...all rights, including the copyrights of the content, links, images, videos, sounds, quotes and references mentioned or provided in this video remain with the original "Submitters" or "Creator". This video is for editorial purposes and Non-Commercial use only. Our own information summaries and conclusions are built on the information provided and represent our opinions, shared with you. All information in this video should at no time be misinterpreted or used as a factual reference but considered our "view" and "opinion" only, which you may choose to share or not.

Video Keywords: gmo    genetically modified organisms    no gmo    monsanto video revolt    exposing monsanto    truth about monsanto    gmo labelling    cargill    the history of monsanto    global seed domination    seed patent    anti gmo    you are being poisoned    stop monsanto   

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