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Nicholas Gonzalez MD NYC / Nutrition
(2458 views) Uploaded 7/15/2014 11:57:12 PM by Permaculture88   (94 videos)

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ANNOUNCER: Hello, you people know that Dr. Gonzalez is a conventionally educated M.D. who was trained to do bone marrow transplants. In this video, Dr. Gonzalez describes his transition from a conventional cancer doctor to a doctor who heals using aggressive nutrition therapy.

INTERVIEWER: Doctor, you didn't start out in this field looking to treat patients. I read some interviews and things like that. Can you just talk about how things evolved into doing what you're doing now?

DR.GONZALEZ: I was actually headed for basic science research, and I chose to go to medical school at Cornell because Sloan-Kettering, the great, U.S. cancer hospital was associated with Cornell. I went there, and my goal was to spend of my life in basic science research at Cornell and at Sloan Kettering, not even to deal with patients except in a research setting. At the end of my second year of medical school my mentor Robert Good who at that time was President of Sloan-Kettering, suggested I do an investigation of William Kelley, the eccentric dentist who was treating cancer patients with aggressive nutrition. That's how it all started. I got interested in nutrition early on in my education and went on an alternative path. After finishing my training I had two different job offers at Sloan-Kettering both of which I turned down because they would have required that I do more conventional research. I mean I was honored that my professors years after I graduated thought I had promises as a basic science researcher, but I wasn't about to give up the nutritional work.

INTERVIEWER: So you've kind of seen both sides then, the more traditional medical doctors and, you know, ones that can employ alternative therapies.

DR.GONZALEZ: I was trained very conventionally. My research mentor, Robert Good was one of the pre-eminent cancer researchers in the conventional, academic world. He did the first bone marrow transplant in history, and under his tutelage while I was doing my fellowship under him, I learned how to do bone marrow transplants, about as conventional orthodox, aggressive oncology as you can get.

ANNOUNCER: Thank you for watching. Please drop by our website Dr-Gonzalez.com where you can read about some of our cancer patient successes. Once you are there, you can sign up for our announcement list so we can have you up-to-date. Have a great day.

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