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Risperdal: The Devastating Side Effects for Children and the Sheller, P.C. Law Firm Investigation
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PARENTAL ADVISORY: This video contains graphic images of Risperdal's potential side effects on children. Attorneys of the Sheller, P.C. firm have been investigating the devastating effects of the antipsychotic drug Risperdal on children, particularly young boys and adolescent males. The drug has been linked to irreversible breast growth (gynecomastia) in these populations, which may lead to leaking breast milk (lactation), reproductive disorders, weight gain, diabetes and more. Since breast development in a young male is socially devastating, the only recourse in many cases is surgical removal of the breast(s), mastectomy. The drug was initially approved by the FDA for use in adults with Schizophrenia, but is alleged to have been marketed "off label" to doctors for use in unapproved populations (children) for ADD, ADHD, behavioral disorders, autism, mania and more. Doctors were also not given adequate "Failure to Warn" about the drug's serious and potentially permanent side effects. Recently, the FDA approved the use of the drug in children and adolescents for some of these conditions but the earlier "off label" and "Failure to Warn" issues from earlier marketing to doctors is still an issue under investigation. Attorney Stephen Sheller has been interviewed by national and international news media about his investigation of the drug and the side effects. He continues to investigate and litigate on behalf of the victims. If your child or a child you know is experiencing these side effects, consult your health care professional immediately and visit www.Sheller.com for more information. Note: video from FDA, DOJ, and other broadcast outlets used by permission. Video first broadcast on The American Law Journal, airing on the CNN-TV News affiliate in the Philadelphia tri-state metro area.

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