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Q&A - Safe detox for children?
(15697 views) Uploaded 7/28/2010 1:59:19 PM by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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Is there a safe detox for children? The Health Ranger answers this question.

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Viewer Comments (11 total)

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Posted 1/11/2013 9:45:58 AM
I am curious why you would recommend taking iodine prior to a CT Scan? The contrast we inject is an iodine based substance, & it shows up under radiation. Taking iodine prior to any x-ray procedure has the potential to interfere with the test. Especially if the person is getting a thyroid test done in nuclear medicine.
Posted 6/26/2012 9:07:58 PM
I totally agree. In the cases of uranium and mercury toxicity, I think it's important to chelate/displace radioactive materials - even for children. But otherwise I feel dietary support, with an emphasis on fibre to bind the toxins as the body naturally expels them, is best. I'd place emphasis on liquid nutrients, high greens, sea vegetables, and superfoods. The body knows how to heal itself and expel toxins when given enough nutrients to function properly. Great explanation of a complex issue.
Posted 12/16/2011 6:37:25 AM
Thank You Mike for the info. I have been wondering about this for a while.I totally agree with you that kids need to eat more healthy foods and it all starts with the parents. Keep the valuable information coming.......
Posted 12/16/2010 2:37:33 PM
Thank you for posting. I agree that detox begins with nutrition, but we must also remember that our skin is our largest detoxifying organ. If the skin is covered with products made of mineral oil, it cannot breathe and expel toxins. It is crucial to never use baby oil on your children or any other product that contains mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens and phthalates. You are right that detoxification cannot be all about what goes into the toilet. We forget that our skin must get rid of toxins and take in nutrients, too. Arbonne makes products to help our bodies do just that. www.BalanceHeals.myArbonne.com
Posted 8/29/2010 7:28:13 PM
I really want to thank you for this video. As an herbalist and nutritionist, it is often hard to get it across to adults, let alone concerning children, that the best detox is superb nutrition, with lots of raw foods. What runs detoxification enzymes is nutrients. They are the co-enzymes that make the enzymes run! Most of the time severe detoxification programs are not necessary and many times, especially for children, they can be quite harmful. Finally someone is telling it like it is. Thanks Mike!
Posted 8/1/2010
I agree with much your video has say and know that diet alone can get and keep the body clean and lean. However... in 2008 I had custody of 4 grand nieces and nephews. If and when they had liquid stools, I gave them a product that contains both bentonite clay and charcoal, (among other ingredients). I merely adjusted the dose according to their body weight. The children were 3, 6, 8 and 11. It immediately took away the pain, tears, vomit, and liquid stools, so much so that they began asking for it. So, my belief is... there is no on-size-fits-all approach, not even for children.
Posted 7/31/2010
Thanks for your good advice. I hear so many people talking about detox that I was starting to wonder if my good diet alone was enough for me and my family. Your words ring true and confirm what I thought about diet and detox. We will keep eating good nourishing foods. They have kept us healthy and away from the doctor this far.
Posted 7/30/2010
our kids (9.5 and 4) do easy daily cleansing w Cleanse for Life by Isagenix. Just a couple oz a day w water -- easy and they are in the habit just like brushing their teeth. Can't do all day cleanse until older but for now is great. www.BetterBreakfastClub.Isagenix.com.
Posted 7/30/2010
very good video; and makes sense... believe too many have joined the 'fad' to detox... and most are too harsh.. esp. for children... although... calcium bentonite clay is a safe and effective natural means of full body detoxing.... along with good diet ; lots of water etc.... love this site and all the videos.. paul mackey @ http://www.naturescleansingclay.com
Posted 7/30/2010
Good man, Mike. Thank you for that video and plugging naturopathic physicians. I get quite a few patients asking me the same question. As a naturopathic physician specializing in environmental medicine, detoxification is a major component of what I teach and implement in my patient's lives. Detoxification is a daily event by eating well, avoiding chemicals, exercising, spiritual activities no matter the type (piano, God, meditation, books, art) and drinking pure water. 'Colon blows' is what we call the laxative type cleanses. They are terrible and I highly avoid them. For kids with autism, mercury toxicity or other deep toxicity issues, I recommend locating a naturopathic physician who specializes in Environmental medicine. www.naturopathic.org The best way to keep a child healthy is a quality probiotic with multiple strains and potent amounts of beneficial bacteria. Yogurts do not cut it. Also a quality multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin D3 and protein with each main m
Posted 7/30/2010
A really safe and effective way to detox childen is by infrared saunas. You HAVE to be very careful and start very slowely-- 2 minutes with door open at 100 degrees, but you can work up to 20-30 minutes at 125 degrees and the effects can be profound without the harsh detox effects. Do not bring metal or plastic in the sauna and drink plenty of water; your child is suppose to sweat and because of the particular nature of infrared heat, all kinds of chemicals, heavy metals, etc. are eliminated.

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