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Mercury,Amalgam fillings Will Break Your Teeth Ė Holistic Dentist (760) 753-7700
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Mercury,Amalgam fillings Will Break Your Teeth
Thatís right! A Mercury Filling will break or crack your teeth as it corrodes. Mercury Fillings are very toxic and dangerous. To watch our series on Safe Mercury Filling Removal , Amalgam Filling Removal Please visit our web site. Dr Layton Is a Holistic Dentist in San Diego; he has been practicing natural dentistry in Encinitas ca for over 25 years.

You Can Contact us at 285 N. El Camino Real, Suite 102, Encinitas, CA 92024 or call (760) 753-7700

Hello. Iím Dr. Grant Layton at Layton Dental and in this little short video, we want to talk about breaking teeth because most crowns that people have are a result of teeth that broke. A little known fact is that mercury fillings, old mercury fillings, are by far and away the largest cause of breaking teeth and people having to get crowns. So in this little video, weíre going to talk about the expanding mercury fillings, the corroding mercury fillings that break teeth.

In this first picture, we see the upper right teeth that have been filled with mercury fillings. These fillings are getting rather old and corroding. When metal corrodes, it always expands. Youíve probably seen paint on a car where the rust underneath lifted up the paint. When mercury fillings corrode, they expand. Like freezing water breaks rocks, mercury fillings crack and break teeth. So we see some older fillings that are corroding and expanding.

In this next picture, we have the mercury fillings removed in the two middle teeth that we were looking at and we can see the cracks that are extending into the teeth from the expanding, corroding mercury filling.

When mercury fillings corrode and break the teeth, then the teeth usually need to be crowned; but if we can catch a tooth before the tooth is broken, we can bond in a nice white filling that will save the tooth from having to be crowned down for a crown. So here we see that weíve reached these teeth in time, removed the mercury. We see a picture of the two teeth with the new, white porcelain composite-bonded fillings holding the teeth together tight and strong. Amalgam Filling Removal

In this last photo, we see the upper right quadrant fully restored. That means that these new white fillings are bonded to the tooth. These fillings wonít leak like the old mercury fillings leaked. These white fillings will hold the tooth together and give it strength. An added benefit is that they make the tooth look good like it never had a cavity.

Now here we see three teeth. We see a history. We have a museum here where we have the shiny, big crown on the left. Itís an old metal crown. The mercury filling broke the tooth a long time ago and the crown has now been there a long time.

The tooth in the middle is a white porcelain crown. The mercury filling it did have probably broke the tooth in the last 10 years and so it has a nicer-looking porcelain crown on it.

The third tooth on the right is cracked broken and getting ready to fall apart. You can look at the mercury filling and see how itís corroding, expanding and cracking the tooth. Itís very likely this tooth will need a crown but we may be able to replace the mercury filling with a filling that will hold it all together.

In this next photo, we see an upper bicuspid tooth that has had the outside of the enamel broken away by the corroding, expanding mercury. We can see that it just broke the enamel right off. This tooth is going to have to have treatment and a crown to be saved and we can see the corroding mercury in the other teeth that have not broken. Those mercury fillings just need to be removed and replaced and the whole tooth will be saved without a crown, just the filling.

In these last two pictures, we see a lower molar that is broken just as the same as the upper bicuspid we just saw. If we look closely, we see the mercury expanded, broke the inside of the tooth away.

In the last picture, we see that that tooth has been restored with the crown. Itís very serviceable now. It will be good and yes, we did remove all the mercury before we put the crown on so that tooth is now mercury-free and clean. The teeth next to it will be saved also with the fillings. It wonít need to be crowned because it hasnít broken yet. So the lesson we see here is that old mercury fillings, catch them before they break the teeth and restore this teeth to a nice, white, healthy look again. Thatís the best thing we can do for our teeth. Amalgam Filling Removal is the key

Learn more at: http://youtu.be/0BlOf46Ad0c

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