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Upper Cervical Care - What is body imbalance?
(600 views) Uploaded 1/12/2011 9:13:16 PM by UpperCervicalCare   (17 videos)

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Upper Cervical care is different from general chiropractic. There are less than 1200 practicing upper cervical doctors in the U.S. Unlike general chiropractic, upper cervical doctors focus "ONLY" on the top two bones in the neck. The brain stem passes through these bones and is responsible for transmitting the nerve impulses from the brain to every part of the body. If one of the top two bones gets misaligned, even slightly, it can affect the nerve transmission to any one or multiple parts of the body. That can cause that part of the body to work incorrectly causing a variety of conditions.

Upper Cervical doctors take x-rays to determine the EXACT degree of the misalignment of the top two bones. Once the doctor determines which of the 274 ways the bones are misaligned, they correct the misalignment and reposition the bones to their natural alignment. The nerve transmission/communication from brain to all parts of the body resumes and the body does what it is suppose to - heal itself naturally. When the bones remain in alignment - the body heals! Holding is healing!

An Upper Cervical Correction is gentle and there is no forceful pulling, twisting or jerking motion of your neck. The correction is applied using a precise and controlled touch that allows the head, neck, and spine to return to their proper positions, restoring balance to the body and removing the interference. Itís a natural and effective way to live pain-free, without the use of drugs or surgery, and itís safe for people of all ages, even babies!

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