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Dr. Bob's 20-13-Chicken Meatballs
(109 views) Uploaded 1/13/2013 2:27:54 PM by DruglessDoctor   (295 videos)

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Dr. Bob DeMaria is creating organic chicken meatballs. www.druglessdrs.com
RECIPE: Dr. Bob’s Baked Chicken Meatballs – Gluten Free

1 lb. of ground chicken thigh organic
1 lb. of ground chicken breast organic
¾ cup bread crumbs – we are using gluten free brown rice
1 small onion (optional finely chopped and sautéed)
1 organic egg mixed in the blend
1 ½ tablespoons grated fresh Parmesan cheese
Cut up one half cup of organic spinach
Salt and pepper we use Celtic Sea Salt, at least one half teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt
Herbs and seasonings; I use basil, thyme, poultry seasoning Frontier® brand, garlic powder, onion powder if onions are not added, oregano. I suggest at least a one fourth teaspoon of each.

Preheat oven to 325 to 350 degrees. The meat balls may cook a bit slower at the 320 degrees therefore you will want to watch the moisture and tenderness of the cooking process. I place the ground chicken in a large mixing bowl. I put for example the ground thigh on the bottom, and then add half of the herbs with the spinach and grate the parmesan cheese on the mixture. . I place the other portion of chicken on top of the first layer, and then add the rest of the herbs and bread crumbs. Crack the egg on top of the mixture, and blend all the items together. I mix them this way so I do not have to keep washing my hands. Check the consistency while you are blending the ingredients. If the mixture is quite moist you may want to add a few more bread crumbs. Take a portion of the blended mix and form the meat balls with your hands to the size you like. Everyone has their own preference, some like the size small and others larger. I personally like medium sized meat balls; they cook in twenty to thirty minutes and are quite moist; the spinach also moisture to the blend. Place the meat balls in a glass dish cooking dish, lay them with a bit of room between each one, cover and place in the oven, check the meat balls in twenty minutes. The time for the cooking process depends on the size of the meat balls and oven temperature.

You can use any type of meat you choose: I have used chicken, turkey, beef and lamb. I have a picture of lamb meatballs here. I have videos at www.druglessdoctor.com.

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