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The Drugless Doctors: Men's Health/Estrogen/Testosterone Women's Health/Estrogen/Liver/ Sex/Romance/Estrogen
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Menís Health: The biggest focus and concern for men is managing the abundance of estrogen currently in our environment. Estrogen clearance is hampered because there is so much and the fact men tend to have stress and compromised liver function (the primary clearing organ/gland). Also, heart stress is a concern; limiting grains, sugar and fruit help reduce inflammation promoting optimal heart health. Finally prostate health is optimized by adding iodine to the daily supplement protocol and limiting soy products.

Womenís Health: Women have a variety of potential health concerns which can be traced back to child birth. Children place a demand on the liver while they are developing in the uterus. Estrogen clearing is a critical component of optimal female health and reducing the potential of breast cancer. I have seen thousands of women in my career; their place on the planet is so underrated. Women from by observation handle so many of the stresses men tend to avoid in the household, so managing stress is critical.

Sex and Romance: Men would be wise to spend more quality time with their mates and help assist when they can in the household. Women also should know by now if you had any type of relationship with a typical healthy male, they want and need to engage in intimate contact with their mate. Everyone should avoid soy and reduce the exogenous or external attack of estrogen.

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