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Ask Dr. Bob: Weight Gain-Exercise/Adrenals-Stress-Iodine/Men-Carpal Tunnel-Tongue Pain-Sea Food-Bile Thin-Vitiligo-Plate
(73 views) Uploaded 1/3/2017 1:45:01 PM by DruglessDoctor   (587 videos)

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[1] I gain weight (female) each day I exercise then stop for 2 days and lose weight does my adrenals being stressed have anything to do with that? COULD BE CORTISOL WITH ADRENAL -- YES

[2] Does exercise work against your adrenals? Or does it help? HEAVY EXERCISE CAN CREATE WEIGHT LESS STRESS

[3] What is a good source of iodine other than sea weed (male)? I want to try out the iodine and Vitamin D combination. I WOULD SUGGEST YOU TAKE AN IODINE SUPPLEMENT

[4] Hi Dr. Bob, First of all love your videos. I have a problem, I cannot lose a pound for the life of me while breastfeeding. I just had a baby 8 weeks ago and like my other 2 children while nursing them, I could not lose weight. I go to a chiropractor every 2 weeks and have been for years and take Standard Process supplements. The only problem is because I had gestational diabetes I was put on insulin and now weight more than ever. Do you have any advice that could help? IT IS SOMETIME DIFFICULT TO LOSE WEIGHT POST PARTAL SINCE THE LIVER AND THYROID IS INVOLVED.

[5] Hello, Do you have any recommendations to offer for someone considering carpal tunnel surgery? GO SEE A SKILLED CHIROPRACTOR. I WILL BE RELEASING MY NEW BOOK SOON AND HAVE A CHAPTER ON CARPAL TUNNEL.

[6] 1. Hi Dr. Bob, I've been having some adrenal challenges and have recently found out I'm 2 months pregnant. How will this affect my pregnancy and vice versa (adrenals)? YOU WILL WANT TO REST, AVOID SUGAR AND FRUIT

[7] Good Afternoon Dr. Bob, a family member of mine has a chemical burn and inflammation on the side of her tongue due to wrongfully treating a canker sore, "She used root beer, Pepto Bismol, weight watchers smoothies etc. We ended up going to an ear nose and throat doctor and now we are waiting on the biopsy report. If it the biopsy comes back as malignant, how would you treat it? I look forward to hearing from you! MALIGNANT TONGUE? I WOULD WANT TO SEE WHAT THE REPORT SAYS.

[8] I enjoy reading your emails & updates. I've eliminated beef & poultry from my diet through your information & research. What is your view on living on a seafood & vegetable diet? IF YOU FOLLOW ME YOU NOTICE I DO NOT MENTION SEA FOOD. I AM VERY CAUTIOUS ON ALL SEA FOOD.

[9] I have no gall bladder. Can I still safely do a liver flush? I WOULD RATHER YOU USE A PRODUCT WITH BILE AND TAURINE TO THIN THE BILE.

[10] Those of us on public assistance can't afford high quality produce, and must take what the food pantries give us as well, including overcooked, corn syrup containing, and white flour items. (Allowing perhaps $200/month per person food budget.) Can you suggest economical choices to keep digestion moving properly?. DRINK WATER.

[11] What are the causes of weight gain/bloat that looks like pregnancy? (The doctors I take my senior friends to cannot tell bloat from fat, or fluid retention) WE TAKE FILMS OF THE PELVIS/SPINE AND LOOK AT THE LIVER. THE LIVER/GALL BLADDER MECHANISM IS USUALLY THE PROBLEM.

[12]Hello, My husband has Vitiligo(skin disease). It's only on his face. The patches are all over his face. Also, there is graying, whitening of the hair on the eyelashes, beard and eyebrows. He went to a dermatologist and they gave him creams. They did not work. What can he do? Why does this happen? Please help us. Thank you very much!! I HAVE NOTICE VITILIGO IS A DEFICIENCY OF TYROSINE. I DISCOVERED THAT WHILE DOING ORGANIX URINE TESTING.

[13] If your platelets are low, what natural foods are good to help raise your blood platelets? SESAME SEEDS

[14] My husband seems to be afflicted by a few indications of fungus. Through the years, he has had blepharitis, toenail fungus and, now, ringworm. He works outside, planting trees and, in this hot humid summer, his symptoms have flared up. How would you recommend he treat these conditions? FUNGUS IS A GUT PROBLEM WITH DYSBIOSIS
[15] I’ve done some research about magnesium stearate that is in a herbal pill I am now on. HP8 is what I now take. Sounds Magnesium stearate is not good. What can you tell me about that? IT MAY STOP THE ABSORPTION OF NUTRIENTS—BUT SO DOES GLUTEN—AS A SIDE NOTE?

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