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InContext: The Liberty News and War Report 2/6/12
(76 views) Uploaded 2/8/2012 8:41:02 AM by Gus_InContext   (6 videos)

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An all new internet based show dedicated to Liberty and Ron Paul news with in depth analysis on foreign policy, propaganda, economics and the wars.

In this episode we talk about Ron Paul and the recent primaries in Florida and Nevada and take a look at the exit polls to break down the apparent contradictions between what republican voters think are electable candidates and who actually is. Then we talk about Mitt Romney's history as a hedge fund manager, Barrack Obama saying he deserves a second term and then in the second segment we talk about the wars and developments with Syria, Iran, Russia and China.

Video Keywords: ron paul    florida    china    russia    iran    syria    mitt romney    nevada   

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