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Let Nature Care for You - Mentally Transforming Your Life
(733 views) Uploaded 1/17/2011 6:58:33 AM by JulieHodges   (2 videos)

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A few natural things that helped me survive depression, get stress relief & achieve goals in a naturally. Consider what natural therapies can enhance health, build self esteem and help you create confidence?

If you suffer from a mental illness - let it transform you and teach you what the most valuable priorities in life are for you. Learn to be a good friend to yourself, take time for honest self talk, acceptance & personal meditation for they provide valuable tools to help you form strategies to achieve your dreams.

Learn how the words of the song - fireworks by Katie Perry - can help you!

By Julie Hodges - Eco Friendly Choices

Video Keywords: priorities    good friend    fireworks    katie perry    fireworks katie perry    julie hodges    depression    health    meditation        stress    stress relief    dreams    mental illness    self esteem    confidence    natural therapies    goals   

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