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First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico
(44660 views) Uploaded 7/3/2010 by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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CNN reports how the U.S. government is colluding with BP to censor the media in the Gulf of Mexico so they can't film or take pictures of the damage being done by the oil spill.

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Viewer Comments (9 total)

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Posted 7/8/2010
I'm an active campaigner against Obama but even I think he is right about this. In fact I think 65' is pushing the envelope of safety when you consider wave action in the open Gulf. Two ships would never consider passing that close for fear of an accident. With tele lenes that can show a football players face from the sidelines there is no need for throngs of reporters to crowd the clean up crews closer than 65' on land either. I don't think most people realize how many camera men, technicians, and support people accompany each reporter like Cooper, not to mention the reporter's personal RV, satelite truck, cables and gear. Yes, 65' is way too close.
Posted 7/6/2010
Ya know this spill is not a pretty sight, from close up to a scene shot, it aint pretty at all. Aside from fueling more emotional furor is there actually a reason reporters need to be closer? Can they not tell the story from a short distance? Can they not continue to incite emotional response over more birds and other wildlife being challenged or even doomed? I can but suppose that their telephoto lenses have failed them. Whining, whining, whining.... Can't we all face it that job one is stop the flow! Clean up everything as best we can, move on to the next story. Look we have seen the birds in peril, and other wildlife as well. We don't like it We have already heard all the emotion based p0leas to destroy a business! Move on, try to provide the public with some real information.. As much as I can I care about the birds, turtles and on and on and on. But in reality there is not a single thing I can do to stop the flow or the damage to some wildli
Posted 7/6/2010
Clinltex, First of all....... You cheapen your argument by referring to Obama as the "musslim in chief". Second, what is a musslim? Maybe you meant muslim. I am not a fan of Obama. However, you logic is fairly typical of someone who is lacking in intellectual honesty. Did you not hear what Cooper said about how they (the Media) were restricted against seeing and reporting the dead bodies after Katrina? Who was President then? Obama is doing exactly the same things as the previous administration. He is letting the oil and energy industry call the shots. This is why the US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq . This is why the House approved another $billion + spending package for Afghanistan. Restricting the media is nothing new. It is as old as the hills. The US army, navy and air force are tools of the oil and weapons industry and the coast guard has proven itself to be a tool as well.
Posted 7/5/2010
So much for the First Amendment. Apparently we all have freedom of the press, religion, speech, assembly and petition as long as we actually don't try to use those freedoms.
Posted 7/5/2010
Ah the media.... Why don't they say its evil when its evil ! Evil as been eliminated from our conciousness in this "world" ? by schools and medias. They tell about the 40,000$ fine and the charges... but still dare talk about local officials that maybe were sincerely worried about the safety bla bla bla bla . Evil is evil !! stop giving them excuses ! Mike tells it like it is in his indepence day messege !
Posted 7/5/2010
I heard about this from another site where it was mentioned in the comments section, except that person didn't mention where they had heard it from. It took all night to find it here. After what the president said on immigration reform, that these people are just looking for a better life and a way to feed their family, excluding the 20 million of American's out of work that what to take care of their families, then nothing he can ever say again should ever be believed. Those that have ordered this black out and have hired thugs to enforce it are upset that their goal of world takeover didn't happen along time ago, that is why their is the black out, because people are waking up to the corruptness of this administration and the actions to do away with our Constitution. I don't have the permission to give a link to one of the places to sign a petition alerting our congress about these many attempts to bring this nation down, but I hope whomever should read this that you will do some sea
Posted 7/5/2010
Anderson Cooper believes it is Thad Allen who is calling the shots. What a naive little boy. It is the musslim in chief that sits in the white house that wants the United States to be destroyed. Everything O does is to hurt the US and they all give him a free pass because "thats our team man!"
Posted 7/5/2010
This is outragious and about time we as apeople not accept this any longer.
Posted 7/4/2010
America! How long are we going to allow the Government, that is suppose to be working for us, to walk all over us and the Constitution? This is not the America I grew up in. Somebody please tell me what happened? And why we are allowing it???

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