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Ask Dr. Bob: Acne Rosacea--Foot Odor--Ovarian Cancer--PCOS--Female Health--Iodine--Radiation Exposure--Belly Bloat--Diab
(160 views) Uploaded 4/8/2016 4:24:16 PM by DruglessDoctor   (587 videos)

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[1] Hi Dr. Bob. I just got diagnosed with rosacea on my face. It is red and blotchy skin. Itchy at times and very embarrassing. They are prescribing antibiotics and some cleansers and creams. What do you think? ROSACEA IS USUALLY ADRENAL STRESS---SUGAR AND LIVER. WHEAT CAN BE AN ISSUE SINCE IT DOES DEPLETE ZINC

[2] Aloha Dr. Bob. My grandson has bad body odor and his feet are always stink. Is it because he drinks milk? YES MILK AND DAIRY

[3] Hi Dr. Bob, I have been diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer and I am trying to look at all treatment options before choosing one. I want to make a decision that isn't going to have severe repercussions later on, and I'd like to make the best choice possible for my body. Any recommendations??? I appreciate your time and help! Thanks so much!! IODINE AND VITAMIN D, YOU MAY CONSIDER A BREAST THERMOGRAPHY. I HAVE DISCOVERED LYMPH CONGESTION AND BREAST CYSTS, ALL CONNECTED. I WOULD SUGGEST A URINE IODINE LOADING TEST AND ALSO RULE OUT PARASITES

[4]. My fiancé has PCOS; they have been treating her with hormones and increased testosterone. How do you guys treat PCOS in your office? I USE IODINE AND CYTOZYME O FROM BIOT

[5] Hi, what are the three worst enemies of a late 50's year old female endocrine system? Thanks Dr. Bob. Signed, Husband. 1. Liver 2. Thyroid 3. Adrenal

[6] Iodine vs. iodide: do we need both, and how much more do women of childbearing age need? WE USE BOTH IN IODOZYME

[7] How should iodine be used for support when radiation exposure is likely? Ex: YES IT WOULD BE WISE TO USE IODINE FOR THAT

[8] Should more iodine be taken when rx drug use is unavoidable and fluorine and/or bromine is ingested from them? Ex: quinolone antibiotics, nasal antihistamine, anti Candida rx. THE BEST IS TO HAVE A URINE IODINE LOADING TEST

[9] What are causes of belly bloat, when a person is not 'fat' all over the body? GALL BLADDER

[10] If bloat occurs soon after eating, and not just with peppers, what do we try to fix first: weak enzymes, parasites, bacterial load, and liver congestion? BLOAT IMMEDIATE IS ENZYME OR LOW ACID---LATER IS USUALLY GB

[11] Do diabetics have special digestive concerns that cause the typical 6-month-pregnant physical profile...or is this from an enlarged liver? THE LIVER IS THE KEY

[12] Are there types of fiber that a person with diverticulosis, or polyps in the large intestine, should avoid? DRINK WATER AVOID NUTS CANNED FOODS OR FROZEN ARE OK. EGGS, YAMS, RICE PASTA,

[13] My daughter has tonsil stones and has not had any success in getting rid of them. Do you have a suggestion? CYTOZYME PAROTID

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