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Did Ron Paul win Maine? FBI capitol building bomb plot, NDAA
(161 views) Uploaded 2/21/2012 12:18:15 PM by Gus_InContext   (6 videos)   |  Learn more at: http://www.incontextreport.com

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In this edition of In Context's Liberty News, filmed on 2/21/12, we discuss whether Ron Paul really won the Maine caucus and what happened to those missing votes from Belfast and Waldo county which were reported as 0 in the final tally.

Then we talk about Amine el Kalifi and the alleged Capitol building sting set up by the FBI. We talk about the FBI's reputation of setting people up to take the fall for terrorist charges.

Then we discuss the Virginia house vote to nullify the NDAA by a vote of 96-4.

Lastly we talk about the FBI's "tripwire" program that's just mean to scare people into informing on everyone.

Please visit http://www.incontextreport.com for more!
Copyright MDR Productions Inc, 2012

Learn more at: http://www.incontextreport.com

Video Keywords: ron paul    fbi    ndaa    maine    virginia    amine el kalifi    capitol building bomb plot   

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