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Michael Schmidt, Paul Noble, Dr Arpad Pusztai, Murray Bast, Sandy Stuart, Hon. Paul Hellyer, Dr. Michael Persinger, Dr. Jimmy Scott.
What do these brave people have in common? They are all working towards a better world, free of restrictions on foods free of GMO's, a world powered by clean energy technologies, and alternative approaches to medicine and healing. It is time to take back our power and the right to choose. Clean energy technologies have existed for decades, cancer has been 100% healed almost century ago, and corrupt politics in bed with multinational food, energy and pharmaceutical corporations are interested only in ongoing profits from dirty and dangerous practices and products. Time for the Wave of Change to see humanity into a better future!

Video Keywords: pulsing    fusion    food    farming    organic    energy    milk    health    gmos    raw    freedom    green    new    alternative    power    cold    clean    change    global    electromagnetic    choice    rights    hydrogen   

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