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The entire global money system is based on FAITH, not fundamentals
(21 views) Uploaded 1/21/2016 1:21:18 AM by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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The entire global money system is now based on FAITH, not fundamentals. And because faith is a psychological phenomenon, it can collapse suddenly, leading to global systemic collapse of the debt behind the fiat currencies.

As Mike Adams explains in this powerful podcast, most people deeply misunderstand what makes money "acceptable" as a medium of exchange. Accordingly, the vastly underestimate the risk of systemic collapse stemming from the psychological impact of globally destabilizing events such as nuclear war, solar flares taking out the power grid, or "natural" events that aren't modeled in bankers' risk assessment systems.

If you want to survive the economic chaos that's coming, you need to understand just how fragile the money system really is. This also explains why the White House and state-run media are so desperate to censor real economic news and construct a fabricated narrative that claims unemployment is low, jobs are plentiful and stock markets can only go UP.

Catch more of Adams' podcasts at

Adams is also the creator of:


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