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Certain Facts and Ideas about Alcohol in the first TV channel Russia (Professor Zhdanov)
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Language: Russian
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1975 World Health Organization has recognized 28 sessions of alcohol drug.
35% of the poison accumulates in nerve cells, which represent only 2% by weight.
Alcohol in the body is maintained at 2 days, and from 8-20 days.
,, Drink in moderation "- science is based on a lie. After all, talking about drugs! Drink in moderation - no longer in my right people. 1913, 95% of Russia tried alcohol. Nebandžiusių now disappeared.
After 15 years of moderate drinking is 60% of alcoholics.
1926 1 person had 0.8 liters of vodka, 1983 - 60 bottles of vodka. 2006 - officially a man over 10 liters of pure alcohol. Unofficially much. Thus formed a man of 20 liters (100%) = 40 bottles (100%). Or 200 bottles (20%). If one subtracts the women and children, one husband will have 500 bottles.
1983 The Soviet Union from alcohol was 40 bn Litas. income and 150 bn Litas. rubles of losses. Losses due to a fall in labor productivity, absenteeism, accidents, 40% of health care resources for treatment of alcohol-related diseases.
90% of the worst crimes committed on the basis of alcohol.
Taking the lives of 17 less.
Possible cure for alcoholism: clinical course after starting to drink 90% of the 1-year period, 10% - after 3 years.
Disabled children are born not alcoholics, but the "normal" drinkers. Alcoholics men become impotent and women infertile. (Alcohol-induced sexual inability is increasing oral sex).
, With a low dose of alcohol stimulates, strengthens slightly erotic jaudinimąsi, improves mood and reduces inhibitions. This facilitates the erotic networks ". But to maintain such a state, need to be repeated, increasing doses of alcohol. ", Youth ranks in 1991` the third
Lithuania is the third million alcoholics, and 1 / 3 - alcoholics.
Every 6 children born are affected alcohol. Every 3 families is a drunk and no one.
Lithuania after World War II, first restore the food industry and distilleries, tobacco factories.
1990 Lithuanians Prager 1 billion rubles: this is more than for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, furniture, carpets, clocks, building materials, flour, bread and its products, milk and milk products, eggs, sugar, salt and the potatoes spent together.
Of alcohol: 80% of homicides, 83% of the sink, a lot of suicides, illnesses, absenteeism, weak labor productivity, poor quality, damaged equipment, injury, fire, theft, 70%, 89% infected with venereal diseases.
Girl and alcohol are incompatible. Why? , Because alcohol is by far the largest family, love and happiness enemy. Man with chronic alcoholism develops in 5-7 years, while women and young people within 1-2 years.
80% of the girls lost their most prized wedding gifts - her virginity-apgirtusios.
Drinking is a woman than a man more nesusilaikanti, aggressive, cynical, pasileidusi. Woman loses feminine, attractive, feminine ease, the voice is rough, rough skin - the result of breach of the inner gland.
Women are more sensitive to alcohol: 1 / 3 decrease in libido, menstrual cycle disturbance, there is infertility, birth trauma, abnormal birth. Children hate the absorbing matter.
Prosecutor Šišovas gathered data from clients profilaktoriume women who started to drink:
29.5% passing deaths and divorce.
24.5% of men did.
25% of bad company.
12% have no children.
10% of the work of the tradition.
65.5% of female alcoholics from divorced families.
12% of normal.
2.4 times more women on their drinking.
Women are generally the cause of such alcohol consumption: the specific problems of women - tension before menstruation, postnatal depression, infertility, abortion, hysterectomy, abortion, sexual coldness, the psychological trauma - the death of loved ones, divorce, economic deprivation - lack of money, daily routine, a debilitating small child care. L.: The path - Moterims.htm Kilikevičienė Vida is a magazine "Psychology of you."
Alcohol is a chain reaction, transmitted from one person to another, parents to children. This vicious circle must stop something. And this is a woman. Without it, your child's mother while the mother of humanity, then what?
Sociologists have estimated that necessary to take the occasion of the year is 40-50.
If you want to become abstinent, we need to make sure that the drinking habits of nonsense.
Dr. Bunge said: "When I see how deeply rooted is the worship of alcohol among friends, I always remember the ancient Egyptian belief in the crocodiles. The ancient Egyptians believed the crocodiles, they are revered and loved, they did, ate people. Thousands of years had to elapse before the crocodiles faith people have managed to drive out of my head.
, Do not hesitate to Motherland, a bright future
Drink until all castes, drink, without exception - Roller
, "Bad people live to eat and drink. Good men eat and drink to live. "Socrates 469-399 BC
Two pints, one quart. Two quarts, one fight. One fight, two policemen. Two policemen, one judge. One judge, fourteen days. (Two pints, one quart. Two quarts, one fight. One fight, two policemen. Two policemen, one judge. A judge of fourteen days.)
In one hour, 1 kg of body weight a man has destroyed 0.1 g of alcohol a woman - only 0.085 g. Thus, women, alcohol is slowly destroyed.
Two glasses of wine or half a liter of beer, a light can seriously disturb consciousness. Dutch researchers found that 0.04 per cent. blood alcohol concentration is sufficient, so that people would not face having an error. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/2419657.stm
Who girtuokliauja young - old age, beg.
I vadinuosi alcohol. I took a guy from the health of the girl's honor, a man of strength, a woman's shame.
Vodka in the house - the mind out.
Impotence. Shakespeare was a hit,, Macbeth said that alcohol is caused by desire and takes away opportunities. This behavior occurs because alcohol inhibits the nervous system. ,, It inhibits reflexes, causing the opposite excited state - explains dr. Berger .- Even two cups during the banquet can be dangerous. Frequent alcohol consumption can damage the nerves and liver. If abnormal liver function, comes a time when a man in the body accumulates excess of female sex hormones. And you must have an appropriate ratio of testosterone to make things function as they should. No. (1) psl.164.
,, Alcohol slows, inhibits bone formation, "says dr. Cooper, adding that studies show that alcoholics tend to especially bones told him. "L. (1) 324 pages.
,, I believe that alcohol consumption is raised levels of triacylglycerols, - said dr. R. Bianco. - It is important to avoid even small doses of alcohol. "L. (1) 498 pages.
About 80% of alcoholics entering treatment psichoneurologijos Hospital or clinic started using alcohol before the age of 20, 16 - 18% - 20-25 years and 1.5 - 3.7% - from 26 to 30 years. Quite small percentage of patients started drinking elderly. A. and I. Potnovas Piatnickoja "Alcoholism Clinic in 1971
Children are 20 times more sensitive to the effects of the poison than adults. Alcohol is particularly dangerous to children, mostly under the body of a young išlavėjusios system, which causes harmless poisonous substances. Breast-fed infants even compress alcohol can be life threatening.
Alcohol affects women more strongly than men, because women are less alcohol in the stomach enzyme that breaks, so more alcohol enters the blood circulatory system. (2) 240 p.
Alcohol kills more people than all the other neither to drugs together. The same is true of tobacco. (2) 240 p.
Once the entire evening use of alcohol, drunk sleeping, - a general inhibition on all the body functions can be fatal. (2) 240 p.
In fact, alcohol is one sixth or less of all drinks consumed. TV fine in the world alcohol is more prevalent than in coffee, tea, soft drinks and water, together. (2) 248 p.
"Even though you are fruitless and you are not giving birth to children, you shall conceive and bear a son. So, too, now! Drink no wine or intoxicating drink. It will liberate Israel from the hand of the Philistines. "Judges 13:4. Angel of the Lord's revelation of Manoah's wife to Samson's initiation. Before one and a half thousand years an angel said: the mother should take care of alcoholic beverages that the baby be born physically healthy and strong.
Scientists to determine the effects of neonatal alcohol, did experiments with animals. Stir constantly to food grain. These animals are born weak, undeveloped children. They grew poorly, poorly developed, were susceptible to disease, will soon perish. Were born and abnormal, degenerated, with significant weaknesses. Zdorovje, 1960 `12th
40-s supporting schools in 1988 studied in 9750 debilis - Protel weak, disadvantaged children. Almost each of them - put down your parents drunkards. Broom, 1988 `11, 12p.
According to legend, the god Vulcan was born lame because Jupiter it started when I was drunk.
Generates drunkenness drunks. Plutarch
Binge drinking - a kind of madness. Aristotle
Binge drinking - a voluntary madness. Seneca
Drinking wine as well as damaging as the use of poisons. Seneca
Drunkenness is exactly the same condition as the bane. Pythagor
Drunkenness - Child of weakness, and disease causes. Hippocrates
Alcohol - diluted form of Satan. T. Carlisle
Vodka - a colorless, but paint your nose red and black and reputation. A. Chekhov
A man more wicked than the animal, the animal becomes drunk himself. R. Tagore
Lowering drinking man away from his mind and eventually into an animal. Ž.Ž. Rousseau
No calamities and crimes against both people and destroy their property as binge drinking. F. Bacon
Girtuoklystė kill peo

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