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The Divine Right of Self Defense - Mike Adams documentary
(10052 views) Uploaded 8/17/2012 2:22:27 PM by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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This mini-documentary by Mike Adams explains the "divine right" of self-defense, which is reflected throughout nature. Nearly all forms of life have "weapons" of self defense, including insects, mammals, plants and even birds.

Here, you'll learn why the possession of weapons for the purpose of self defense is a human right - even a "divine" right - that must be protected for humanitarian reasons.

Mike Adams is the editor of NaturalNews.com and a frequent fill-in host of the Alex Jones Show (InfoWars.com).

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Viewer Comments (7 total)

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Posted 1/7/2013 10:19:09 PM
(Applauding) Absolutely brilliant! I don't think anyone could be more clear than this. (Smiles)
Posted 8/26/2012 9:41:59 AM
Good video: I'm all for Americans owning guns to protect themselves. But when US Marshalls come to a persons door with 5 foot long machine guns, loud black helicopters, and 20-30 more US Marshalls with HUGE machine guns and vests, do you really think a small gun can protect an innocent American from this Nazi tyrannical police state that America has become? At that point, what is more powerful than their machine guns are a faith and belief in God's supernatural protection and His angels. What is happening to America is sadly, i think, sort of reminiscent of the book 'Left To Tell.' We are entering into a psychotic era of a New World Order, which in my opionion, will sadly get worse. And right wing Republicans who listen to Rush LImbaugh are sick in the head and definitely don't want people to empower themselves through 'awareness of those things which could empower them'
Posted 8/21/2012 9:55:46 PM
All I can say is thank you (again), Mike. A firm believer in the right of self-defense, I've never thought of it in quite this manner, which is so incredibly correct. Keep up the amazing work!
Posted 8/20/2012 12:53:53 AM
Mike thank you for this great video, I will be showing this one in my Tx CHL class.
Posted 8/19/2012 1:06:25 PM
The greatest advantage human beings have is in their brainpower to defend themselves (though there's precious little of that on show in this video). Modeling ourselves on the violent instinctive reactions of some animals is a big mistake. The US has a lamentable rate of deaths due to use of firearms every year - 15 times the rate of other developed countries, over 50 times the rate of the UK, and over 200 times the rate in Japan, the country with the strictest gun controls. My wife is an American and having lived in both the UK and the US for a while I have a bit of perspective on the issue. Whilst we lived in Houston, we used to count the people shot each day in Houston who wouldn't have died in the UK given similar circumstances: The policeman 'accidentally' shooting a petty criminal in a Parking Lot, the shooting when a family dispute got out of hand, the accidental shooting in a restaurant, the man asking for help at a neighbor's house shot because his intentions were misunde
Posted 8/19/2012 4:40:11 AM
Seriously, if this is representative of the 'alternative' view in the United States, then your country is doomed. The reason there are more gun-related deaths in your country is because there are more guns in the hands of people who shouldn't have them. The reason why there are less of these deaths in Australia is because we have a form of gun control which, while not far-reaching enough, prevents guns getting into the hands of people who shouldn't have them. If the government really want to exert any more control over your life than they already do, they will do it regardless of how many guns you or fellow conspiracy theorists have because they have far superior capabilities than the rest of the population do anyway, and always will have. The only thing allowing gun ownership to continue at the rate it does in the United States will guarantee in terms of rights is the right of some idiot to drive past your kids' school and shoot into the playground, force your wife or daughte
Posted 8/19/2012 2:36:21 AM
Whoa! I love your website and all of the health information, but I do not agree with a "divine right" to guns. Perhaps we do have a divine right to protect ourselves as we might have in nature (say, like what we might have had available to us 100,000 years ago), or I can even get behind the idea that we all own the muskets of the Revolutionary War period. But, I do not believe that citizens should have access to high powered weapons capable of mass destruction. I think that need to stop making them readily available and remove the ones in circulation to prevent crazy people from accessing them. We control prescription drugs, driving speeds, and don't even readily allow very sick people to take their own lives. How come just about any nutty person can get dangerously armed and decide to take out everyone around? Let's remove all the guns that we can. Gun control works much better in Canada and Europe where death by guns is exponentially lower than in the USA. It's a no-brainer

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