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Barack Obama turns his back against Cheap Living with Renewable non-toxic Hemp Fuel
(361 views) Uploaded 10/14/2012 12:08:57 PM by MylesO   (113 videos)

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It wouldn't take long for America or any country to be energy independent with renewable non-toxic hemp fuel. Cannabis(hemp) prohibition is keeping the cost of living artificially high. Barack Obama said he was going to develop every source of American energy so why is Hemp Fuel not being used? Why is a Canadian trying more than Americans and the President of the United States of America to save America and the world with renewable non-toxic fuel?


Some Hemp strains mature in 60-90 days and hemp plant is one of the only plants that can be harvested year-around in states like California, or Florida for example. Ethanol, methanol, methane gas, and gasoline without sulfur can be derived from biomass made from hemp. Hemp can produce 10 tons of biomass per acre every four months. Biomass has a heating value of 5000-8000 BTU/lb.


Video Keywords: environment    pollution    energy    health    poison    barack obama    hemp seed    hemp fuel    hemp industry    cost of living    cheap living    energy policy   

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