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Yoga Teachers are Human
(362 views) Uploaded 8/24/2011 9:15:13 PM by ynottonycom   (9 videos)

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Iyengar Yoga Teacher tony eason - http://ynottony.com

Tony Eason visits the Laughing Lotus Yoga Center & demos some yoga asanas (postures) to use in an upcoming video - "How to prepare for AIDSLifecycle" - And during the filming, he regains his humility in the yoga studio.

Check it out!

Many thanks to the

Iyengar Yoga Teachers, Janet MacLeod, Kathy Alef, Ben Thomas, Jaki Nett, Mary Friedland.

Astanga & Vinyasa Yoga Teachers, Jamie Lindsay, Deena Aranoff

Video Keywords: yoga        teacher    asana    iyengar    studio    vinyasa    astanga   

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