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Entire US media is state-run media just like China, North Korea
(125 views) Uploaded 4/17/2016 8:02:17 PM by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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The ENTIRE mainstream media is nothing but state-run media, functioning in a way that's identical to the government-controlled propaganda mouthpieces found in China, Venezuela and even North Korea.

Every single story published by a mainstream media outlet is either planted by the government, distorted by obedient propagandist editors, or twisted in a way to achieve a desired political or totalitarian outcome.

At the same time, the entire media wages coordinated censorship campaigns against news you're NOT allowed to see... news about vaccines causing autism, for example, or news about how the EPA legalized the spreading of toxic waste sludge on farm lands across America (biosludge).

Learn the truth about all these topics at:


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