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Is vitamin D for real?
(8271 views) Uploaded 8/9/2010 6:15:54 PM by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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Is vitamin D for real? Does it really work? Absolutely! The Health Ranger answers this common question.

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Viewer Comments (3 total)

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Posted 10/10/2010 9:35:40 PM
There is not enough vitamin D in processed milk, the best is sun and if you don't get enough of it for climate reasons eat foods filled with it, take supplements and when you can get sunlight even for a few minutes a day. It won't kill you.
Posted 9/29/2010 10:26:38 PM
Thanks for the video HealthRanger, can you tell me your list of the top 4 again? Vitamin D, Omega 3, Reveratrol, and? thanks!
Posted 8/30/2010 12:33:34 PM
Hmmm you should be aware (if your not you are way behind) that Vitamin D is being added to milk in most countries not just milk its butter sour milk etc etc etc because the northern countries dont get so much sun. so i dont get your point it being a iracle new chem its old news we need it to make the winter lol

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