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Congressman Ron Paul's bill - The Parental Consent Act
(1849 views) Uploaded 7/26/2010 4:23:43 PM by CCHR   (30 videos)   |  Learn more at: http://www.cchrint.org

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Visit this link to sign the petition & support Ron Paul's bill http://3.ly/6Wrp
The Parental Consent Act
For more info on this bill: http://3.ly/AR3 This video features Kent Snyder, Presidential Campaign Manager for Ron Paul 2008 and former Executive Director of the Liberty Committee discusses the federal plan to screen all US schoolchildren for mental disorders, and how this prompted Congressman Ron Paul to introduce the Parental Consent Act to counter this Orwellian plan which will lead to more US children diagnosed with subjective mental disorders and put on psychiatric drugs.

Learn more at: http://www.cchrint.org

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Posted 8/17/2013 9:16:31 AM
Thank you so much for sharing this extremely important video. I will be going to read The Parental Consent Act. I have been saying this for years and am passionate for the sharing of this and he is right on and the time is now for parents top wake up, before it is too late to do so.

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