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How Raw Blueberry Chocolate Pie Is Like a Gateway
(311 views) Uploaded 10/29/2010 9:40:07 AM by KevinGianni   (668 videos)

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http://www.TheRenegadeHealthShow.com - Remember the talk in school about how marijuana was a gateway drug...

The premise is that if you try smoking pot, it becomes an entry point into trying others drugs and then suddenly, as the story goes, you're an addict trying everything else under the sun.

Well, I think raw food desserts are like a gateway drug--not in the morbid picture I painted above--but in a very good way.

It's probably the best way to get Mom or Dad or Uncle Phil, to actually "give" raw food or vegan food or even just organic food a shot.

Watch how to make this "gateway" pie and then deliver the goods to your friends and family... who knows you might end up their supplier ;-)

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