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The Genopocalypse explained
(9924 views) Uploaded 7/16/2010 by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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What is Genopocalypse? Will future members of the human race suffer from widespread infertility? How does food affect the health of your offspring?

Video Keywords: couples    mi    pregnancy    genetics    genopocalypse    epigenetics    genetic code    infertility    inheritance    junk food    dna    reproduction    genetic integrity    offspring    sperm    sperm quality    prenatal nutrition   

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Viewer Comments (4 total)

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Posted 8/5/2010
Ha awesome vid Mike I love it. Our future families will continue to dominate. BTW Elan - come on dude Mike continues to ask people to be healthy, not vegan. He just mentions vegan because most people don't understand raw dairy. Be healthy and happy brother whatever makes you feel good. Also btw I'm basically vegan and fit as a fiddle, no physical degeneration here.
Posted 8/4/2010
(previous comment continued...) pivotal role historically played in human health by nutrient dense foods derived from properly fed and humanely raised domestic and/or wild animals. While lettuce and carrots may well be whole foods, they pale in comparison - in terms of their nutrient density, their ability to nourish the human body on the deepest levels, and their beneficial impact upon reproductive health - to things like kefir, yogurt, heavy cream and butter made from the raw milk of grass fed animals.
Posted 8/4/2010
This video subject reminds me of the "Pottenger's Cats" study on the effects of a low enzyme diet on multiple feline generations.... Lots of good points Mike. While Elan's post makes a strong point, I remain in agreement with the main point of the video, which I think is in recognizing the deleterious and long term effects of nutritionally barren fast food on future generation of humans and their pets. I hope this reaches more than just those of us in 'choir'.
Posted 8/4/2010
Can you name even one culture of completely vegan people on this planet who have ever lived to successfully reproduce for multiple generations? Although it's clearly best for us to make more conscious food choices, considering the history of mankind, the truth is that it's rather misleading to imply that vegans are more capable of reproducing than non-vegans. That's because historically there have never been any long lived, multi-generational vegan cultures. Remember Mike, cholesterol is the precursor for the production of our most important reproductive hormones, including testosterone, progesterone and estrogen. Please also understand that for thousands of years in numerous cultures the world over, many different animal foods rich in cholesterol and saturated fat have been so highly treasured and revered by human beings that they were actually considered to be sacred. Please read "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Weston A. Price to understand more about the pivotal role hist

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