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Q&A - Beet juice and blood sugar
(46116 views) Uploaded 7/22/2010 6:19:25 AM by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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What is the relationship between beet juice and blood sugar?

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Viewer Comments (6 total)

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Posted 2/7/2011 3:21:15 PM
Thankyou again! You offer so much information in these videos. It is a good idea, also, for people to hear you say to do good juicing even if they have a diet that is less than desirable. I know a lot of folks who think they must either be a total health freak or a total junk food junkie. Moderation. Wow, what a concept! lol :-)
Posted 10/3/2010 7:54:14 PM
Thanks for your great suggestions Heal for Life! Sorry I did not catch up with you earlier...
Posted 7/28/2010
Interesting and informative
Posted 7/27/2010
josema, the thing that makes beet juice effective for lowering blood pressure is the nitrate content. If you like the idea of using nitrate-filled foods to lower your blood pressure, but can't handle the sugar in beets, consider using celery and/or spinach juice instead. These veggies have similar amounts of nitrate and should have a similar effect on blood pressure without the spike in blood sugar. Also consider discussing l-arginine with your naturopath. 6 grams twice per day is often an effective dose to increase nitric oxide and bring down blood pressure. Good luck.
Posted 7/27/2010
Thanks Mike for answering my question. As a recently diagnosed high blood pressure patient at age 37 and put on Amlodipine pills for the rest of my life, I turned somewhere else other than the doctor for advice. NaturalNews is an excellent info bank for people like me. For that I truly thank you. So since I refuse to be on drugs I am starting to combine healthy foods with great workout (Dr. Al Sears's PACE program). Next step will be to locate a naturopathist to help me getting rid of the pills in a safe way.
Posted 7/27/2010
If there's a concern over the sugar content in beet juice, it would be best to test blood glucose with a glucometer 1 and 2 hours after drinking the juice to see how it affects you. There is no guarantee that the sugar will not matter simply because the beets are raw. I put half an organic beet in the Vitamix and ground it all up instead of juicing it. All the fiber stayed intact and would have helped to blunt the blood sugar effects. I did not heat or cook the beet in any way. I am a healthy, young, non-diabetic with normally excellent glucose control. I checked my blood sugar after drinking the beet juice: 128 at 30 minutes, 116 at one hour. This is excessive. I don't think blood sugar should exceed 100 at one hour postprandial, and 128 is definitely too high. I felt sick for hours after. My blood pressure is already low (105/60), so I achieved no benefit there (it actually went up 5 points -- probably insignificant), but the only reason I tried this was to test the glucos

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