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Wild Foods of Ecuador
(11817 views) Uploaded 6/29/2010 by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, takes us to an undeveloped land in Ecuador and shows one of the wild weeds/foods, gooseberry, which is delicious and high in phosphorus.

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Viewer Comments (4 total)

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Posted 2/27/2011 7:04:21 PM
Is that a EMF shield you wear around your neck? Would you care to share with us what it is and why you wear it?
Posted 7/23/2010
Interesting plant, I love the "fly catcher" use of it. What plant, if any, would work on mosquitoes? The plant is actually quite good looking, great to have around the house also.
Posted 7/7/2010
Another interesting thing about weeds ...I grew an organic garden and I was bugged by my neighbors about the weeds which I left growing up to a certain point. I just picked the bigger weeds and left the small ones on the garden to act as a mat to walk on. I discovered that I rarely had to water the garden where the weeds grew. They tended to keep the water in the soil from evaporating. Alfalfa is said to grow deep roots and this brings minerals up into the alfalfa from as much as 5 or 6 feet down. This might be true for some of the weeds so is it not another reason to let them grow? They will feed the soil when they are dug back into the soil. As you said, many of the weeds can be consumed. I used to add chickweed to every salad I made. There you have 4 good reasons (excuses) why not to weed your garden.
Posted 7/7/2010
You mentioned Cumadin (spelling?) as a rat killer. It made me wonder how many of the other drugs would kill rats, mice etc. The trick would be to get them to eat them, I guess.

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