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The Robert Scott Bell Show - "ADHD for Every Kid" - 11/14/2010 - Hour 1
(399 views) Uploaded 11/22/2010 9:59:48 AM by RobertScottBell   (60 videos)

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Will there be any healthy kids left? 1 in 10 kids has ADHD — how many are autistic, depressed, obese and diabetic? How many of those children are directed to drugs, rather than nutrition? In the U.S., disease management by drugs starts early.

In case you didn’t already know, “ADHD diagnosis is a matter of expert opinion. There’s no blood test or brain-imaging exam for the condition.” Is the height of Western civilization our ability to medicate kids for diseases actually caused by Western civilization?

Where was cancer in ancient Egypt? Better living through Dow and Monsanto chemistry has its downside. However, cancer is the health of the pharmaceutical state. The War in Cancer has begotten more cancer. Is there a war on ADHD or just children?

This hour, solutions for diseases and syndromes that have no objective tests, and even for those that do.

Scott Kennedy (Super Sea Veg) returns with the whole food nutrition update – can acne drugs promote suicidal thoughts and tendencies?

Video Keywords: cancer    diabetic    obese    monsanto    adhd    depressed    suicide    acne    scott kennedy    autistic    dow   

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