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Energy, Environment & Our Planet
(494 views) Uploaded 3/13/2013 2:00:54 PM by Arijit   (1 videos)

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This video is a documentary on Energy and its' impact on the Environment of the Earth. This documentary video is the collection of several videos and developed in a presentable story form to understand the general public at a large.

Global Warming is one of the important issues to us and we are somehow involved with it. According to our development in gradually, we are using the reserved natural resources enormously without thinking about our Grand Children and their Grand Children…; The impact of these usage of natural resources reflects on us in two ways… Firstly, the reserve natural resource will be finished (exhausted) one day, may be tomorrow or day after, then what will happen…? Second and finally, These recklessly usage of natural resources for generating Energy for our development and better lifestyle, we are slow poisoning ourselves and our future generations by the emission of poisonous gases and heat, which results as Global Warming.

Biomass Gasification system is one of the Renewable Energy source which is well established and accepted by the society after a long research and development works on it. The gasification system has been in use as an energy producer for more than 180 years.

According to the Global Forum, Scientists and United Nations, to overcome the situation is to implement more renewable/sustainable energy instead of using fossil fuel and Nuclear as energy source. Wind, Solar, Hydro, Biogas and Biomass are the source of Renewable / Sustainable Energy. "Energy, Environment & Our Planet" is basically on Biomass Gasification method, which is neglected by some governments now a day, in their renewable energy policies and I would like to request them to maintain the uniformity for all Renewable Energy Source.

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