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Forgotten ART of Making LARD
(335 views) Uploaded 7/3/2012 5:22:06 PM by HarmonianStoryTeller   (4 videos)

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Way healthier for frying than any oil for it will withstand much higher temperatures than oil; It is also great for cracked skin on your heels; soothing and healing for massage; higher in omega acids than salmon; excellent ingredient for cosmetics and of course soap making; when mixed with milk or heavy cream while cooling down it may also be used as a spread on the slice of rye bread; very effective protective cream on your hands before doing 'dirty' work; very inexpensive;

Video Keywords: cosmetics        healing    makeup    lard    beer    pork    heels    cracked skin    hand cream    making your own soap    mydlo    kosmetika    creams    exzema   

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