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Breast milk is a probiotic
(1591 views) Uploaded 1/17/2013 12:55:17 AM by DrLen   (475 videos)

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Spanish researchers reported in the January 2013 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that there are more than 700 species of bacteria in normal human breast milk. They suggest that this is one of the factors leading to which bacteria will colonize the infant's digestive tract.

Mother's milk is primarily lactose, but it is also loaded with more than 30 undigestible complex sugars that serve as food for the friendly bacteria in the GI tract. Which microbes grow in our intestinal tract has a lot to do with immunity, digestion, and a wide range of illnesses.

We live in a symbiotic relationship with a sea of microbes and they play a very important role in keeping us healthy in many ways.

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