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TWO Paris terrorists now confirmed as "refugees" who crossed open borders

11/16/2015 1:51:21 AM - What happens when you combine open borders with a disarmed citizenry? Mass slaughter of innocent life by ISIS terrorists... A special report update from www.TalkNetwork.com...

BREAKING: Paris under siege - 60+ dead, 100+ hostages, bombings and shootings

11/15/2015 6:45:07 PM - Paris is under siege. This is what happens when you open the borders to an endless flow of terrorists while disarming your citizens. www.TalkNetwork.com...

Please report suspicious activity at Wal-Mart to the Department of Homeland Security

12/7/2010 12:26:12 AM - This video parody exposes the ridiculousness of Janet Napolitano's recent request that people should be on the lookout for "suspicious activity" at Wal-Mart. The mere act of shopping at Wal-Mart is su...

ISIS plans to unleash nuclear terrorism on U.S. soil

4/12/2016 7:54:34 PM - ISIS terrorism,nuclear terrorism,Brussels,dirty bombs,open borders,democrats,geopolitics,meltdown Heed this warning! ISIS terrorists are now targeting nuclear facilities in the USA and across Europ...


9/30/2011 10:35:24 PM - I find the persecution of wikileaks and it's founder Julian Assange by governments and corporations without due process of the law abhorent. ...

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