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Bernie Sanders and the road to socialism and DEMOCIDE

1/11/2016 2:02:43 AM - Bernie Sanders is not the harmless old man you think he is......

If Government creates abundance, why is anyone poor anywhere in the world?

3/2/2017 7:31:19 PM - If government creates abundance, why is anybody poor anywhere in the world? Why don't governments simply "flip a switch" and make everybody wealthy and end poverty and suffering worldwide? The answ...

Occupy Atlanta hynotizes zombie collectivists with cult-like trance

10/9/2011 1:58:58 PM - Here's a great example of the distorted collectivist mindset of Marxists and socialists who want to toss out individuality and liberty in exchange for centrally-commanded doublespeak. What will you do...

What is a Republic? A Democracy? Understanding the American form of government

5/26/2011 12:10:45 PM - A really great video explaining the differences between a Democracy and a Republic. Very informative and easy to understand....

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