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Ask Dr. Bob: Vegetable Preparation, Zinc, Pork (Ham), & Allergies

4/18/2014 5:53:13 AM - In this week's episode, Dr. Bob answers your questions concerning how you prepare your vegetables (raw, grilled, sauteed), ham for Easter, and how allergies do respond to a dietary change. If you have...

How to baked "Stuffed Lean Ground Pork Tomatoes"

4/6/2013 11:57:15 AM - Watch how to make Stuffed Lean Ground Pork Tomatoes....

Michigan government plans to destroy entire livestock of local pig farmers - Interview with Mark Baker

3/28/2012 8:55:41 AM - Health Ranger Report interview with Mark Baker from BakersGreenAcres.com - the Michigan government threatens to destroy all heritage pig breeds across the stage. Mass porcine genocide based on hair co...

Dr. Bob's 20-12-Travel & Calories

8/14/2012 1:04:07 PM - Dr Bob DeMaria!! How much extra do you eat when you travel? Do you have a travel strategy -- for taking some of your own food? How many times do you eat BUFFET food? www.druglessdoctor.com...

Forgotten ART of Making LARD

7/3/2012 5:22:06 PM - Way healthier for frying than any oil for it will withstand much higher temperatures than oil; It is also great for cracked skin on your heels; soothing and healing for massage; higher in omega acids ...

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