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Billionaires Aim to make Trillions Mining Asteroids while people suffer and die

4/28/2012 11:31:20 AM - Billionaires Aim to Mine Asteroids while people suffer and die. Many governments have outlawed or restricted the most superior resource on earth Cannabis which is keeping the cost of living artificial...

End Cannabis Prohibition No More violation of Human Rights

3/28/2012 8:23:08 PM - Share this Video and help end cannabis prohibition, this applies to most if not all countries! I am having a very hard time getting by working a job and consistently having no money, last year I didní...

Thrive Exposed Part 6

4/5/2012 7:12:02 PM - Foster Gamble said having a clear picture of our potential is as important as uncovering what stands in its way, Foster Gamble sure missed on the important information that saves lives. By not present...

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