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Natural News mission, the Trump administration and the coming collapse

11/22/2016 7:32:46 PM - With Trump taking power in the White House, Natural News plans to push for GMO labeling, organic agriculture and protecting medical choice on issues like vaccines. But it won't matter in the long r...

My Body, My Choice! Why is vaccine coercion pushed by progressives?

4/25/2015 1:28:28 PM - The latest medical choice educational video from and the Health Ranger...

Vaccine mandates are NOT merely about immunizations

5/24/2016 7:33:09 PM - Vaccines are a "wedge issue" designed to establish the government's authority over your body. Now that vaccines are being mandated in California, here are the next steps for the scientific dictator...

Will California make assisted suicide MANDATORY for the elderly?

4/11/2016 7:34:09 PM - Since California has already abandoned medical choice and medical ethics by passing vaccine mandates, it's now only a matter of time before the state expands its medical coercion to MANDATORY assisted...

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