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Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN The Natural Nurse, is your Maple Syrup the Real Thing?

3/30/2011 9:37:22 PM - Ellen Kamhi PhD RN discusses a variety of Maple Syrups by reading the label. Lo and behold- most have NO maple syrup in it at all. Recognize the REAL from the HYPE Produced by Bi...

Home Made Maple Syrup

8/2/2012 7:09:00 PM - maple sugar week, Vermont, and how you can make your own syrup. ---------------------------------- You can use a variety of hard wood trees, but not all trees are suitable for this purpose most type...

Organic chocolate covered strawberries

2/2/2017 7:43:55 PM - Ingredients: - 1/4 cup Health Ranger Select Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - 3 tbs Health Ranger Select Organic Maple Syrup - Grade A - 3 tbs Health Ranger Select Cocoa Love (https://www.healthr...

Organic Raw Cashew Milk

10/5/2016 7:31:20 PM - Things you need: - 1 cup Health Ranger Select 100% Organic Raw Cashews ( - 3 tbs Health Ranger Select O...

What Do I Eat For Energy When I

9/6/2010 6:15:56 AM - - Still in Vermont and today has a new set of challenges when it comes to the Internet... But of course, we're still here for ya! :-) Today, I address single...

The Drugless Doctor: Sweet Potatoes & Apples

11/6/2013 1:48:01 PM - This is a recipe that Dr. Bob makes during the holiday season every year, and you will too! For more recipes, visit us at, you'll be glad you did! Sweet Potatoes and ...

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