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First interview with Adam Kokesh after being arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial

5/31/2011 10:11:12 AM - Adam Kokesh (Adam vs. the Man) is demonstrating how tyrannical the federal government is -- they arrested him and others for dancing near the Jefferson Memorial....

Black Friday madness reveals animalistic behavior of modern people

12/27/2010 5:55:03 PM - What will happen when food disruptions occur, the currency collapses or social chaos breaks out in U.S. cities? This video answers that question by revealing how everyday people can transform into cra...

Please report suspicious activity at Wal-Mart to the Department of Homeland Security

12/7/2010 12:26:12 AM - This video parody exposes the ridiculousness of Janet Napolitano's recent request that people should be on the lookout for "suspicious activity" at Wal-Mart. The mere act of shopping at Wal-Mart is su...

LAPD sings We Didn't Start The Fire after burning Christopher Dorner alive (parody)

2/26/2013 11:26:40 PM - This parody video depicts the LAPD singing Billy Joel's classic song, "We Didn't Start the Fire" after clearly setting fire to the cabin in which ex-cop fugitive Christopher Dorner was holed up. Af...

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