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971,000 Californians Signed the Petition for the Ballot Initiative to Label Genetically Engineered Foods

5/2/2012 5:52:58 PM - 971,000 Californians signed the petition for the ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods. And so, labeling GMOs will now be on the November ballot! It is what so many people want. Th...

1000000 People of Europe Independent Countries signed a petition to rid off GM Foods

5/8/2011 5:26:17 PM - Dec 22, 2010 Ask yourself, if it's for people, so why they are pushing it when people never wanted it!? Dangerous, criminal sites!

Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals - Genetically Engineered Foods, GMO Trilogy

5/8/2011 9:36:01 PM - Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals - Genetically Engineered Foods, GMO Trilogy...

The Health Ranger's Top 10 Most Powerful Healing Superfoods

6/13/2016 7:22:30 PM - Stay informed at: sponsored by Music: Itro & Tobu - Cloud 9 [NCS Release] http://sm...

Thanksgiving food warning: AVOID these toxic foods and ingredients!

11/25/2015 10:42:54 PM - Eat safely this Thanksgiving. Avoid these toxic ingredients hidden in holiday food...

The Super Food Bowl animation teaches superfoods to kids

12/5/2010 10:56:41 AM - This Super Food Bowl animation was created (and narrated) by the Health Ranger in 2008. Featuring superfoods squaring off against junk foods on a football field, the animation has been very popular am...

The world's most amazing anti-cancer foods

1/13/2016 2:25:31 AM - Did you know that thousands of different foods, superfoods and spices naturally contain powerful anti-cancer nutrients? While the FDA ridiculously insists that foods can't prevent or treat any dise...

The world's most amazing anti-cancer foods that work BETTER than chemotherapy

10/11/2015 7:37:06 PM - From the Health Ranger at

The WHOLE TRUTH about Whole Foods (FULL)

8/7/2016 6:24:09 PM - Learn the WHOLE TRUTH about Whole Foods.

Why isn't the FDA testing foods for heavy metals and publishing the results?

1/19/2016 1:48:13 AM - As I've been finalizing the expansion of my new food science laboratory, I'm increasingly wondering, "Hey, how come the FDA isn't doing this?" It's a legitimate question. Why isn't the FDA testing ...

Brian Clement on Blending Foods #510

9/5/2010 1:27:52 AM - - Today, we continue the interview with Dr. Brian Clement... In this episode, he talks about complex carbohydrates as well as his thoughts on blended foods....

Top Ten Cancer Fighting Foods

12/28/2014 6:41:08 PM - Ten of the best cancer fighting foods...

Top 7 Pink and Red Foods to Fight Breast Cancer

11/21/2016 7:21:08 PM - Stay informed at: Sponsored by: Music by Tobu

Top 6 Antibiotic Foods

11/24/2016 7:21:32 PM - Stay informed at: Sponsored by:

The 10 worst foods and medicines that destroy your sex drive

5/26/2016 8:36:59 PM - You're no longer 19... ... and your sex drive isn't what it used to be. But what if you could REVERSE that? AVOID these 10 foods and medicines and you'll be sexually and hormonally re-energized...

Ten American Foods Banned In Other Countries

7/28/2016 7:39:31 PM - Stay informed at: Sponsored by: Music by: Tobu & Syndec - Dusk

Gluten free foods - are they healthy or a fraud?

6/15/2016 7:18:12 PM - Stay informed at: sponsored by Music:

Gluten-free foods SCAM? Found loaded with GLYPHOSATE

3/9/2017 7:49:19 PM - Many gluten-free foods have been found to be loaded with GLYPHOSATE, the toxic, cancer-causing herbicide. It turns out that many gluten-free foods aren't health foods at all. They're just another k...

5 Common Foods For Weight Loss

1/12/2017 8:40:17 PM - Stay informed at: Sponsored by: Music by Tobu

Natural Foods for Arthritis - What Should I Include?

9/30/2014 6:42:29 AM - Let's first begin with the definition and the cause of arthritis. Arthritis is a musculoskeletal system disorder that causes inflammation and pain in joints. It is caused due to wear and tear of ca...


10/18/2010 8:58:22 AM - Another wonderful invite to EMPOWER yourself and your HEALTH and reduce your chances of becoming a medical statistic. We're lost... due to the marketers, ‘telling’ us what and even when to buy or con...

Which foods are best for detoxing? Health Ranger Q&A

3/6/2016 7:39:10 PM - In this Q&A segment, the Health Ranger reveals which foods are best for supporting natural detoxification. Adams is opposed to "aggressive" detox protocols that cause extreme reactions. Here, he ex...

Whole Foods joins Monsanto effort to kill GMO labeling laws nationwide

7/3/2016 7:46:34 PM - Stay informed at: Natural News store: Music by: Disfigure - Blank [NCS Release] ht...

Fresh Foods for Future Life

8/14/2011 1:13:09 AM - showing you how to eat to live instead of eating to die. You are a conscious being who need to get back to nature....

Top 5 Foods For Healthy Kidneys

12/27/2016 8:12:18 PM - Stay informed at: Sponsored by:

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