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How to select the best firearms for personal defense

1/31/2013 2:23:55 PM - How to select the best firearms for personal defense...

Breaking news on the Firearms Protection Act of Texas, from Rep. Steve Toth

1/16/2013 12:04:59 AM - A breaking news update by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, on the Firearms Protection Acts of Texas and Wyoming....

Interview with Joe Nobody - preparedness, survival, US govt. buying ammo and more

4/23/2012 10:57:56 AM - This is the first 13 minutes of the detailed interview with Joe Nobody about self defense, personal preparedness, how to protect your family, private property, your community and more. This is part...

The True Story of Gun Control In the 20th Century (Graphic Images)

1/19/2011 2:23:09 AM - In this powerful documentary produced by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (, you will learn how governments have historically deprived people of firearms and then wipe...

Constitutional Literacy: Complete 25-Part Series - Preview Video

10/23/2012 11:37:11 PM - Reclaim your rights! Join Michael Farris in an unprecedented Constitutional survey: In-depth investigation of key legal cases Insightful analysis of today's political climate Informa...

Sheriffs speak out against gun control - compilation

2/7/2013 12:18:04 PM - A compilation of sheriffs across the USA speaking out against the insanity of citizen disarmament. Includes sheriffs Richard Mack, Peyman and others. Compiled by ...

DHS approved methods for citizen self defense, courtesy of Homeland Security

2/7/2013 11:00:52 PM - DHS approved methods for citizen self defense, courtesy of Homeland Security....

Review of the BULZi Tactical Wedding Ring

5/6/2016 8:05:59 AM - Coach Helder reviews the BULZi Tactical Wedding Ring and how it adds safety to your active lifestyle. For more info & full blog post go to:

Review of the BLACKHAWK CBQ Riggers Tactical Belt

5/5/2016 7:29:52 PM - Coach Helder reviews the Blackhawk Tactical Belt. For more info & the full blog post go to:

The Divine Right of Self Defense - Mike Adams documentary

8/17/2012 2:22:27 PM - This mini-documentary by Mike Adams explains the "divine right" of self-defense, which is reflected throughout nature. Nearly all forms of life have "weapons" of self defense, including insects, mamma...

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