Cucumber Videos:

Raw Summer Cucumber and Avocado Soup with Frank Giglio

10/28/2010 7:16:51 AM - - Today we brought a special guest into our already crowded kitchen... :-) He's prepared raw foods all over the place recently and we were able to convince him ...

Simple Summer Rainbow Salad

7/18/2011 8:48:34 PM - Note to self: Do not try to edit videos while eating, playing with baby, and conversing with partner - end result - cutting out entire section of video without realizing it, until after it is uploade...

Quick Stir Raw Bread & Butter Pickles

10/11/2010 3:04:03 AM - A wonderful low glycemic remedy for your sweet tooth, as a snack or quick cucumber energy booster. Great for people transitioning to raw food. Serve as appetizers or alongside raw tacos, burritos or w...

Green Monster Smoothie

9/5/2011 2:34:35 PM - Green smoothie with banana, blueberries, cucumber, kale, dandelion, lemon, coconut oil, chia seeds and spirulina. My daughter really liked it the first couple times I made it and originally I used a ...

Summer Splash Juice

9/10/2011 2:59:25 AM - Here's a great summer juice recipe. An unexpected combination that is oh so refreshing, YUM! (watermelon, cucumber, & mango)...

Dr. Bob: Shopping at the Farmer's Market in Bay Village--The Watermelon Substitute

8/20/2015 6:29:53 PM - Dr. Bob: I have noticed over the last 20 years the increased number of practice members who suffer with left neck and mid back often associated with the consumption of sweet fruit like watermelon. ...

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